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October 26, 2008  Installation Banquet
at the Meridian Hall

Our new Grand Master, Nick Nigosian and his wife Carolon were present.  The mezza, wine and dinner were

Bro Harry still thinks he is on a Cruise

Bro Chuck just got lucky

Our new Jr. Master, Robert and wife Susan

Our new Master, Dan and wife Adriana

Bro Matt and the 2 women in his life.  Mom ( Cathy and Wife Delia)

Bro Harry, Grand Master Nick and wife Carolon

Grand Master Nick and wife Carolon

Our new Master, Dan, Grand Master Nick and Jr. Master Robert

Harry's wife and daughter, Francis and Shelley

Bro Jim, just relaxed and enjoying the food

Bro Dick and friend

Couple of guys who crashed the party.
Bro Pat and Oscar

Bro Harry and wife Frances

Bro Kenney thinks he is going to get away for $20 bucks, Good Luck
Bro Ken and wife Lisa

Bro Larry's wife Jean and Daughter

Jr. Master Robert, Master Dan, Treasure Aaron and Grand Master Nick
Bro, Aaron received the Trexman of the Year Award

Bro Aaron and wife Shelley

Grand Master, Nick and PGM's Pete, Frank and Jack

PGM Jack and wife Melene

Everyone is having a good time

It's party time

Bro Eugene