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May 28, 2009

Thank You Brothers Dick Boyajian and Matt Cholakian for a wonderful Scholarship Dinner along with our kitchen and cooking crew who prepared Shish and Chicken Kabob with all the trimmings.

The following are pictures of some of the brothers and their family along with the Scholarship Recipients.

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Bro. Kay Paboojian and wife Rosemary

Bro.   Jim and Aaron

Some of our Brothers family
Cathy,  Rachael, Carolon and Melene

Jean and Jackie

Bro John and wife, Madeline

Bro,  Jim and Jack

Bro Jake and his long time friend

Bro. Dick Boyajian Committee Chairman

Grand Master for 2009 Bro. Nick Nigosian and wife Carolon

Guest Speaker Tom Crow, Chancellor for State Community Collage District

Scholarship Recipients and their families

This is guy who took the pictures, Bro Chuckie and his friend Joni