Triple X Fraternity History

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TRIPLE X FRATERNITY was founded by eight young men of Armenian parentage in the year 1918 in Fresno, California.

The name "TRIPLE X" was adopted for the organization and was to represent three times the Roman numeral ten, added up, summed thirty which was the total number of members they hoped to acquire and limit the group's size.

The purpose and objectives of this Fraternity is to promote charity, benevolence, mental improvement, social culture, and strengthening of the bonds of friendship among its members; to observe and adhere to the principles of truth, justice and loyalty.

In the year 1928 the Los Angeles and Golden Gate Chapters were founded. This created the need for a Grand Chapter, which was founded in April of 1928. Selma Chapter was formed in 1933. In the years to follow the Oakland, Peninsula, Capitol, Sequoia, San Diego, Mt. Diablo, Orange County, Las Vegas, and Palm Desert Chapters were also formed.

The Founding Fathers were Arsen Alchian, Gurken Bacon, Lee Dederian, Richard Dederian, John Kasparian, Armen Nishkian, Lee Rustigan, and Charles Ashjian, who also served as the first Grand Master.


Charles Ashjian 1929
D. K. Tateosian 1930-31
Kay B. Paul 1931-32
Dr. J. V. Shahbazian 1932-34
Mardie J. Bakjian 1934-35
Harry Hairabedian 1935
Sooren Toomajian 1935-36
Paul Bozajian 1936
Ara F. Normart 1936-38
Haig Hovey 1939
Henry Zakian 1939-40
Lousander A. Markarian 1940-41
Lee Krikorian 1941-46
Michael Sohigian 1946-48
Andy Sarkisian 1948-49
Charles Haron 1949-50
Albert Nalbandian 1950-51
Andy Bakjian 1951-52
Mose Hachigan 1952-53
Vaughn Poochigian 1953-54
Fred Markarian 1954-55
Edward Arslan 1955-56
Heront Julian 1956-57
Ralph Boghosian 1957-58
Jack Kazanjian 1958-59
John Simonian 1959-60
Joe Hagopian 1960-61
Herb Elmassian 1961-62
Soren Shamshoian 1962-63
Haig Kayajanian 1963-64
Joe Kellejian 1964-65
John Barigian 1965-66
James Taylor 1966-67
Charles Chitchjian 1967-68
Mose Ametjian 1968-69
Ray Hovey 1969-70
Sam Kassabian 1970-71
Aaron Aaronian 1971-72
Kay Cloud 1972-73
Joe Zorigian 1973-74
Sarkis Sarkisian 1974-75
Dick Ekizian 1975-76
Michael Kershaw 1976-77
Ed Sarouhan 1977-78
Joe Garabedian 1978-79
Charles Hazarian 1979-80
Z. Harry Astor 1980-81
Aram Poladian 1981-82
Joe Kellejian 1982-83
Haig Kasparian 1983-84
Sam Krikorian 1984-85
Robert Alchian 1985-86
Haig Jamgotchian 1986-87
Mike Chakalozian 1987-88
Abby Mamigonian 1988-89
Alan Khaoonian 1989-90
G eorge Solakian 1990-91
Shavarsh Hazarabedian 1991-92
Greg Avedesian 1992-93
Jack Bedrosian 1993-94
Ed Hokokian 1994-95
Mooney Najarian 1995-96
Jack Ouzounian 1996-97
Bob Juskalian 1997-98
David G. Maseredjian 1998-99
Jeff Hazarian 1999-00
Archie Cholakian 2000-01
Charles Paskerian 2001-02
Charles Parigian 2002-03
Frank Korkmazian 2003-04
Jerry Poochigian 2004-05
Pete Cholakian 2005-06
Peter Babagian 2006-2007
Melvin Shanoian 2007-2008
Nick Nigosian  2008-2009
Jack Bedoian 2009-2010
Harold Bazarian  2010-2011
Vaughn Vartanian 2011-12
Garo Mirigian 2012-13
Sam Bagdasarian 2013-14
Ron Shanoian 2014-15
John Casparian 2015-16
Greg Safoyan 2016-17
Gregg Chorbajian 2017-18
Steven Bedoian 2018-19
Jack Kayajanian 2019-20
Chuck Simonian 2020-21